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2018 Spring Meeting to the Lincoln on Saturday 4th March as follows:

10.00-10.45 Lincoln (St Giles)                                 8 (18-0-2)  53.24346 / -0.51950            LN2 4EH

11.00-11.45 Nettleham (All Saints)                        6 (8-3-1)  53.26532 / -0.49082              LN2 2NT

12.00-12.45 Hackthorn (St Michael & All Saints) 6 (8-0-8) 53.32882 / -0.51359              LN2 3PQ

Lunch at The Black Bull, Welton, LN2 3HZ     53.30567 / -0.48433


Please advise Claire what you would like from the menu (by 26th February please)

15.00-15.45 Middle Rasen SS Peter & Paul      6 (6-3-13) (GF)  53.39126 / -0.36665  LN8 3TS

16.00-16.45 Market Rasen St Thomas Apostle  8 (8-2-15)  53.3883 / -0.33789              LN8 3AL

17.15-17.45 Caistor SS Peter & Paul                      8 (11-3-8)  53.49635 / -0.31822            LN7 6UL

Tea will be offered at the Caister Methodist Church, LN7 6UF  53.49722 / -0.31683

Claire and Bill Howard kindly offer the following supporting notes

For those that may arrive the Friday and wishing to make a weekend of it, Quarter Peals can be arranged for the Friday evening.

We are more than happy to organise as many quarters as there are people! If people want just a good practice night on Friday, we can recommend Sleaford, St Denys 8 (19-0-1) between 7.30pm and 9.00pm.

On the Sunday, all are welcome for service ringing at 9.30am at St Giles, Nettleham or Waddington 6 (11-1-25) (all ring at the same time!!) and at 10.20am at Washingborough, St Helen (my home tower) 8 (12-1-11).

We have asked the ringing master at the Cathedral if we can join them for evensong ringing (time TBC but about 2.15pm) in the afternoon, that will give people a couple of hours to explore the wonderful 'uphill' area of Lincoln, with the Cathedral, Castle and Bailgate shopping area.

Please contact Claire Howard (or use Contact Us) for advise.

For those staying on until Sunday:

10.30 Washingborough, St John (8) 12cwt, LN4 1AZ

14.45-15.30 Lincoln, Cathedral Church of the BVM (12), 23cwt LN2 1PY