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Spring: Leicestershire

June/July - Cornwall & the Scilly Isles

(A weekend event)

AGM - Hereford

November - Quarter Peal day


Spring Meeting - Chester area

Summer Meeting

40th Anniversary Dinner


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 3 March - Spring meeting - Leicestershire - Andrew Usborne

Last weekend in  June (or the 1st in July)  - Cornwall & the Scilly Isles (Olav)

[See below]

8th September - AGM - Herefordshire - Denise

17th November - Quarter Peal day - Claire Howard


Spring Meeting in the Chester area - Rosie Maddocks

Summer meeting

And …………………….

29th June 2019 - 40th Anniversary Dinner (Sue Tompsett)


Cornwall & Scilly Isles

Dear All,

I am still trying to fix the date for the tower on St Mary's, Isle of Scilly. This is not likely to happen until the New Year as they seem to be in no rush as much as I want to fix it ASAP.

The dates I have requested in order of preference are all Saturdays 30th June, 7th July or 23rd June 2018. The plan is to have a 3 day trip. So it would be a Thursday & Friday in Mid to North Cornwall area and the IoS on the Saturday.

The cost of transport to IoS (2018) is : £119 - Fly out / Fly Back £88 - Fly Out / Sail Back FROM £45 - Sail Out / Sail Back

Flight Time - 15 minutes Sailing Time - 2hrs 45mins

I will probably leave people to make there own accommodation arrangements.

To help with planning please can you let me know if you are : 1) - Interested in the trip 2) - Which mode(s) of transport are you OK with - Ferry and / or Plane to the IoS

By Sunday 7th January 2018.

Many thanks Olav

Please use the CONTACT US facility for replies.