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                             Full Membership  ONLY  £5 per annum

      [Renewal date: 1 August each year]



Please see the Contact Us page for address details.


[This is by far the preferred method of payment]

For full details on Bacs, please Contact Us

Reference: Please use your name as a reference


1] Membership is only open to Open University Students and Open University Staff (both past and present) and immediate family members of the above

2] Where a prospective member indicates that they wish to pay their membership subscription by cheque, they will be contacted directly on receipt of their application to provide a name and address to send the cheque to

3] Society membership runs annually from 1st August to the 31st July each year, as from 2018.

4] Once applications for membership are received you will be contacted by the relevant committee member as a welcome and to complete the process

5] See Membership for cheque payments


Please copy this information and request forwarding details

using the Contact Us facility.

All enquiries will be acknowledged

If you might be considering membership, we will require the following details:

Your Name

Your full postal address with Post Code

Your Mobile and/or Land line telephone number(s)

Your Email address

Your Student or Staff number

Your OU status [Student, Staff, Graduate or Family member]

Your preferred payment method [Bacs, Cheque, cash or other]