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Copy date - 15 July 2018

Publication date - 29th July 2018

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FLADBURY, Worcestershire   March 11, 2018

St John the Baptist    

5056 Plain Bob Major    


Treble       Susan E Tompsett   

2         Denise A Hughes   

3         Celia J K Wood   

4         Robert W Jones   

5         Steven Bowley   

6         Rosanna Cretney   

7         David T G Jones (C)   

Tenor       Paul V W Feast   


Rung to celebrate the 80th birthday of Pearl Gibson

Summary of the November 2017 AGM held in Bedfordshire

The meeting was attended by 20 members (including our 3 founder members plus one that was nearly a founder member (me)!)

4 New members were elected.

Our current Society Officers were re-elected except the position of our OUSA representitive which was taken over by Claire Howard.

The Accounts were reported in very good shape. In fact so good, the meeting pondered on possible ways we might contribute a proportion.

Events for the future, see Meetings.

The meeting approved slight amendments to our Constitution - the revised version will be appended to this site soon.

Chris and Mary were thanked for organising the day.

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