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Our NEWSLETTER No: 158 dated November 2020 has been published. If you would like a copy, please use the Contact Us page.

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The latest OpUSCR Newsletter has been published (Issue 158, November 2020). If you do not have a copy, please and an email to contact_opuscr@btinternet.com

Very particularly, it includes initial details about this year’s AGM to be held on-line on 5 December 2020 at 3pm. To help those not too familiar with on-line systems, a rehearsal session will be held on Sunday 29th November at 7.30pm.

If you plan to “attend”, our Ringing Master would appreciate information in advance of any items you might like addressed in the Any Other Business section of the meeting.

With our usual ringing events cancelled for the immediate future, it is considered important that we continue to publish the Newsletter. So, if you have anything interesting (like how and why you started ringing, or how you were introduced to our OpUSCR, or indeed any items that could be of interest to our membership, please send to them to Denise (or use the email address mentioned above).

Hello all

I was recently asked to tell a prospective member, a first year OU Student, a bit about OpUSCR. What follows is what I came up with......

A short introduction to OpUSCR

Our society only has around 70 members but it is really welcoming. We can’t teach as many uni societies do because we don’t have a geographical base but we do ‘encourage’ and try to make things happen for our members as one such member, Claire will testify .... she rang her first peal with OpUSCR five years and three weeks ago approximately (from the date I’m writing this). Any ringer, from Bob Doubles to Surprise Max (although more Minor, Major and sometimes Royal is rung at our meetings) who is or has been a student or on the staff of the Open University is eligible for membership and would be most welcome!

In more normal times, we have four meetings a year in March, June which is sometimes extended, September, our usual AGM, plus a November 1/4 peal day or weekend. All meetings are organised by members for members with The Master or the Deputy Master taking responsibility during the day usually delegating each tower to a different member to run the ringing. There are three levels of membership, full, associate (spouse or partner of full member) or junior. Full and Associate Membership is £5 a year but we also contribute steeplage at meetings of between £1-2 as requested by the Treasurer ...seems a long time since our Spring Meeting in Lincolnshire? People may know from Facebook ringing groups and actively ringing around the Guilds?... David, Chris, Zoe, Joe, Steve, Celia and John, Rosie, and of course Claire (and Bill) and (Tim) and me. Meetings needing to be postponed because of this darn pandemic included a multi day tour in South Wales that I was putting together for a summer meeting, our AGM which should have been in the Birmingham area (this will now be virtual on 5th December with Birmingham on hold for another year), a 1/4 peal day/event in London. and possibly a walking tour of York towers. Hopefully we’ll be able to reschedule these once we are able to ring together again? What else? There’s a Society Facebook Group instigated and managed by Celia, a Society Newsletter that I’ve been involved with and a Website. David is our very able Master.

And last but not least, we are the oldest society affiliated to OUSA having been formed when a bunch of ringing students rang to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Uni in June 1979 at Simpson on the day the Uni was celebrating on campus! Even now, we still have a number of founding and very early members amongst our numbers.

Anyway, if anyone would like to join, the easiest way is via our website  http://opuscr.org.uk/ where there’s a form to complete and we may even end up ratifying membership at the AGM in a couple of weeks or early next year! It would be lovely to welcome another new member!


20th November 2020

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